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Excellence Cleaning Pros!

Making People Smile is our Gratification, Making homes Shine is our Certification!

Easy, practical, 


No more waiting for estimates or in person quotes! 

Simple straight forward OPTIONS, We work with your budget!

Click on the Green Button on the top right so that you can read the description our 6 options and pick the one that Best works for you!


1.  Click on the "Book Hourly Rate Appointments" Link.
2. It will take you to the Online Booking  Options we have, just scroll down.
3. Keep in mind that hiring 3 cleaners per hour will cost a little more than 2 cleaners per hour, due to commuting & scheduling cost.

4. Fill up your information and make sure to add ANY detailed and helpful notes regarding your main areas of interest for the service.

ATTENTION! For more availability during the HOLIDAYS please make sure to CLICK the  "Holiday Rate" OPTION.

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Hourly-Rate Cleaning Terms & Conditions

  • For more complicated projects like Move Ins/Outs or homes that require detailing, or thorough cleanings, please refer to our "Initial Cleaning" page under the package tab, for more info and one of our specialist will be able to advise you on a budget.
  • Hourly rate service requires a minimum of 1 hour with 2 cleaners for the areas inside the Santa Clarita Valley. For outside of SCV, up to a 15 mile radius, we require a minimum of 1 hour with 2 cleaners. We advise a minimum of 6 man hours for initial cleanings.
  • Cleaners will arrive 15 minutes before or after the cleaning schedule. Client will receive a message when cleaners are on their way with an ETA. Service time starts the moment cleaners arrive.
  • Please make sure to have parking available as close as possible to location or service time will go towards finding a parking space. 
  • In order to save as much time as possible so that cleaners can use every minute towards cleaning please make sure to email every single request, & preference, ahead of time, otherwise cleaners will only clean the areas covered in the basic cleaning 2 package.
  • When cleaners arrive, customer will receive a notification that the service time is STARTING and a notification when the service time is UP. 
  • ECP’s main purpose is that every service is a good experience for both parties. Therefore, it is important that customers have realistic expectations about what can be accomplished by 2-3 cleaners in every hour of service. 
  • Please make sure to put all personal valuables away as well as personal items before appointment. 
  • Please make sure to provide safe pathways and accessible counters. Areas that are meant to be cleaned must not have more than 5 items p/counter (baskets with items inside count as 1 item), unless otherwise paid for additional detailing or organization service. 
  • We recommend to put pets away so that their hair doesn’t get on the way of the cleaning. However, for aggressive or barking dogs we require that they are put away from cleaners’ pathways as it could be very uncomfortable and stressful for our cleaners to work under such conditions. 
  • 1 hour cleaning can only offer a very superficial cleaning, dusting, & disinfecting. Ideal for homes that are kept in very good shape and do not have any accumulated residue. 2ppl x 1hr can cover about 800-1000 sqft, more or less, depending on condition and traffic of each home. 3 cleaners x 1hr can cover about 1000-1300 sqft, more or less, depending on conditions & traffic of each home. Recurring cleaning will alway cover more the initial cleaning.
  • ECP highly recommends 1st time clients to get a quote for initial thorough cleanings, move in/out, or more complex cleanings under “Request Appointment” in our website for customers that want their home to be residue free!
Excellent Cleaning Pros