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Excellence Cleaning Pros!

Making People Smile is our Gratification, Making homes Shine is our Certification!

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Professional Cleaning Service in Santa Clarita, CA.

Professionally trained
Making People Smile is our Gratification, Making Homes Shine our Certification!

Excellence Cleaning Pros  is a small business with a small team of friendly professionally & extensively trained cleaners. We provide commercial & residential cleaning services. We are fully insured, and specialize in home maintenance, detailing/restoration, and Thorough Cleanings, including residue removal, professional window cleaning, carpet cleaning, as well as professional organization & decluttering!

Our services include ALL cleaning supplies (ECO friendly), including new sponges, disinfected microfiber towels, detailing brushes, and all cleaning commercial equipment.

Nevertheless, always have a supervisor or team leader on every appointment.

Professional Cleaning is not a job, it's a skill that can only be learned through long extensive training. Our system is meticulously reinforced by always providing with the best customer service beginning with assuring that all homes are cleaned up to our highest standards. ECP makes sure that not only every associate knows exactly how to clean every area thoroughly & properly, but that we always have a supervisor or team leader on every appointment to reinforce quality control and answer any questions our clients may have in order to provide the best professional cleaning experience and quality. 

ECP provides commercial/janitorial and residential cleaning services. We specialize in thorough and detailed cleanings; however, we also provided services like professional organization & decluttering, window washing, and carpet shampooing.  

We highly depend on our word of mouth publicity and therefore we always make sure our clients are 100% satisfied!  

We Specialize in Detailing & Residue Removal 
Starting at 

We will go beyond your 

expectations! Check our 

detailing packages! Just 

click on the image!

(Conditions Apply)

To Decluttering & Organizing Assistance
Starting at
 per Cabinet!

Or $40 - $30 an hour p/organizer! (minimum 2 Organizers with a minimum of 2 hours p/appointment)
  • Service includes a 20 minute courtesy phone pre-service consultation once service has been confirmed and a $35 deposit has been paid. 

Professional Window Cleaning

 Get a free estimate and a 25% discount when you bundle with house cleaning services!

Check out our window prices at on our window tab!


Now Book by the Hour!

Easy Booking, Practical, and Convenient!

No more waiting for estimates or in person quotes! 

Simple Straight-Forward OPTIONS, We work with your Budget!

Click on the link so that you can read the description our 6 options and pick the one that Best works for you! ONLINE BOOKING

  • Feel free to check our Cleaning Packages page so you can have an idea of our standard procedures & service!

Excellence Cleaning Pros service the whole Santa Clarita Valley (SCV) and surrounding areas, as well as Thousand Oaks & Venice Beach.

 All first time cleanings, or thorough cleanings always include a pre-walkthrough and a final walkthrough. Our Supervisors are always present on Initial cleanings & are highly trained to work with customers' budgets and needs. Our professional cleaners are trained to properly communicate with our clients and advise them on what areas need attention or require detailing and will quote the job based on what the client wants and needs. 

Just click here to schedule an appointment!!

Make Sure to follow all the guide lines before you send a request!

SCV Commercial and residential cleaning, janitorial services. Carpet cleaning, full window cleaning services. Thorough and detail cleaning.

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Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

Professional Window Cleaning

Move in/out Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning 

Decluttering & Organizing Assistance

Party Clean Up! 

professionally trained cleaners

For the Santa Clarita area we  require a minimum of $210 (6 man hrs) for 1st 

appointments.  Now Serving Sherman Oaks area!

For our Venice Beach area we require a 

minimum of $315 (9 man hrs) for 1st time appointments & a minimum of 

$150 for recurring appointments 

(equals to 3ppl x 1.75 hrs;  $30 p/cleaner for set recurring or $35 for none recurring). 

Excellence Cleaning Pros, Santa Clarita, SCV, CA . Commercial & residential cleaning & janitorial services, thorough & detailed move in, move out, carpet cleaning service, professional window cleaning service, in Santa Clarita Valley (SCV), & Thousand Oaks, CA.

Excellent Cleaning Pros